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It all started when...

I had a desire to learn more about the environment. I wanted to hear new research on environmental issues like climate change, water conservation, wildlife conservation, hunting, fishing and anything that could help me better understand our natural world. I searched for content regarding environmental issues like conservation and forestry and struggled to find anything of substance that was easy to listen to and absorb. Noticing this gap of information I decided to create the YourForest Podcast to fill that gap.

I aim to provide interesting and relevant content on diverse topics around environmental issues in a way people find refreshing and easy to listen to. Each podcast is a conversation, no script, just myself and a guest discussing the things we love about the natural world and our work to protect and preserve it. I love the forest, the mountains, the ocean and all things wild. I want to share that love and appreciation with the world in hopes to inspire a similar feeling in others. There's a quote I like that sums up my feelings around nature in two sentences. The quote is written as the first words in the book "A Sand County Almanac"  by Aldo Leopold.

"There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot. These essays are the delights and dilemmas of one who cannot."

Like that book, this podcast is for those who cannot live without the joys and wonders of all wild things. 

The goal is to have simple conversations that provide insight to both the public and forest professionals alike. The more people that understand the way our forests and wildlife are managed, the easier it is to do the right thing. 


Creator and Host Matthew Kristoff

Creator and Host Matthew Kristoff