#30-Invasive Fish with Britt Schmidt

Invasive species have always been a huge concern. Because they are not native they have no natural equalizer that can level off their populations when they start to get to big. This can sometimes result in a total takeover and a complete collapse of the natural species that have managed to maintain ecosystem balance for thousands of years. Prussian Carp are one such species that is very well adapted to taking over our river systems and has the potential to destroy the natural balance. They have been found in river systems in southern Alberta and the Alberta Conservation Association has begun research to understand these creatures.

Some Interesting stats around fishing in Alberta

Ontario has 250,000 fish-bearing
lakes, with 585,000 licensed anglers, 
or 2.3 anglers per lake. 

Saskatchewan has 94,000 fish-bearing lakes, 
with about 184,000 licensed anglers, 
or 1.9 anglers per lake.

Alberta has only 800 fish-bearing lakes, 
but 250,000 licenced anglers, or
312 anglers per lake.