#35-Remote Sensing, Changing the Game with Guillermo Castilla and Rob Skakun

Lasers. Drones. Satellites. Infrared. Planes. All of these things come together to make up remote sensing. Remote sensing is the act of getting information about something without being there to take it yourself. Satellites, planes and drones can capture true colour aerial photography and multi-spectral imagery like infrared. They can also mount special sensors which create LiDAR(Light Detection and Ranging) data. Drones and aircraft can also create 3D models of landscapes they fly. It is all very technical and cool. This technology is changing the way we do management and making it better. 

Links for the Canadian Wildland Fire Information System (CWFIS) and on it you can find the National Burned Area Composite dataset (NBAC) for downloading end-of-season fire perimeters.

Topics discussed: Definition of remote sensing, Earth Observation Satellites, Mapping wilderness fires, LiDAR, Measuring trees, Better Data=Better Management, Photogrammetry,  Drone technology and its application, Artificial intelligence, Future of natural resource data.